What is SubGrow?

✨SubGrow✨ is a tool to analyze and improve in-app purchases in your iOS app.

Use SubGrow to easily give a discount offers for existing and lapsed customers. No backend required.

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You can setup and customize notifications that user will get after leaving subscription plans👆

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How it works👆

You are not programmer?

This is not a problem, marketers can directly engage users with promotional offers to return them to the service or upsell new products. This is perfect tool for product managers and executives, you can understand and analyze data from app and make marketing decision based on your statistics.

*you will need help of programmer for SDK integration into your app, but all controlling tools will be in your hands.

🚀 How to start use SubGrow?

  1. Register in our site, add your app and get API key.

  2. Integrate SDK.

  3. Set up Push notifications.

  4. Create a Rule for offer.

Done, your app users will get your new offers and come back to subscriptions.

🤩 We provide Free month for our new customers, you can try and decide how it works for you.

Is it save to use?

Yes, SubGrow dose not collect personal data, we manage app users information by anonymous ID, so personal information is not required.

🔗 Want to test first?

We have Demo app, where you can test offers in Sandbox.

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Need help?

If you need any help, please contact us, we are online and ready to help you integrate and use our product.

Thank you!✌️